Agiflash 44

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The Agiflash 44 was made in Croydon, England by the Agilux company from 1959-64. It succeeded the Bakelite Agiflash, and was initially made of black plastic with alloy pressings. It had a built-in flash bulb holder with a small flip-up reflector, powered by a 22.5v battery in the base - unlike its predecessor, which had a separate flash reflector. Later models had a dark grey plastic body with the top pressing replaced by a light grey plastic moulding with a larger flash reflector.

Images were 4x4cm on 127 film, with a lever advance. A small lever above the lens selects between two apertures, labelled "Colour" and "B-W".

The later plastic versions of this camera were also sold rebadged as Ilford Imp. There are also examples labelled in French.


  • Manufactured: AGI, Croydon, England
  • Type: Viewfinder/box
  • In production: 1959-64
  • Film type: 127 film, 4x4cm frames
  • Lens: plastic meniscus; two apertures ("colour" & "B-W").