Agfamatic 3000 pocket sensor

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The Agfamatic 3000 pocket sensor is a 110 cartridge film pocket camera made by Agfa, introduced in 1974.

A deluxe version of the Agfamatic 2000 pocket sensor, it has a faster lens and more exposure flexibility. The lens is now a fixed-focus 26mm f/6.3 lens. The camera features four weather symbols instead of the original two. Moving the weather slider adjusts the aperture, which has two blades.

There is a mounting socket on top to accept flashcubes.

Despite being called Agfamatic, there is no automation in the camera. Film advance, shutter cocking and flashcube rotation are completed by a push-pull action between each exposure.

The Agfamatic 3008 pocket sensor is basically the same but now adapted for the Flipflash instead of the flashcubes.