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The Agfaflex I/II is a 35mm fixed-lens SLR made c1958 by Agfa in Germany. Outside of the US, this model was known as the Colorflex. It has a 50mm f/2.8 Color Apotar 3-element lens and a Prontor Reflex leaf shutter with speeds of 1 to 1/300th of a second. The viewfinder is interchangeable between a waist level finder (Agfaflex/Colorflex I) and an eye level pentaprism (Agfaflex/Colorflex II). It has an uncoupled selenium light meter above the lens. The mirror is not instant-return.

Later models of the Agfaflex (i.e., III/IV/V) have interchangeable lenses and were sold as the Ambiflex outside the US.

The III and IV are almost the same camera; the only difference is that the III has a waist-level finder while the IV has a pentaprism. Both have a 50mm f/2.8 Color-Solinar lens. The Agfaflex / Ambiflex V has a 55mm f/2 Color-Solagon.