Agfa Ansco Box No.2 and No.2A

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The No.2 and No.2A cameras are a series of basic box cameras made by Agfa Ansco beginning immediately after the merger of Ansco with the US division of Agfa, and continuing up until World War II. These cameras are a re-badged continuation of the No.2 and No.2A box cameras made by Ansco prior to the merger. The No.2 camera uses 120 rollfilm, producing negatives of standard 2-1/4" x 3-1/4" size. The No.2A uses 116 rollfilm, producing negatives of standard 2-1/2" x 4-1/4" size.

Both cameras are simple box cameras with two-way shutter release levers (i.e., the shutter opens on both the down stroke and the up stroke of the shutter release lever) and basic internal mirrored viewfinders. There are many variations of these box cameras that were made over the years that it was produced. Variations include one or two viewfinders, hinged or removable backs, and the No.2 is found in a range of different color finishes. The No.2 camera is also referred to as the "No.2 Model E" in some cases. The No.2A camera is also referred to as a "No.2A Goodwin" camera in some cases.

The use of the "Goodwin" name on certain cameras came from the earlier Ansco-built cameras that had been sold under the "Goodwin Film & Camera Co." name prior to the merger with Agfa. Ansco had purchased the Goodwin Film & Camera Co. shortly after Ansco formed, which coincided with the Goodwin Film & Camera Co. assets being offered for sale following the accidental death of Mr. Goodwin.

The camera model names are not indicated on the cameras themselves, but are only printed on the original packaging boxes and user manuals.