Agfa Agfamatic 126

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The Agfamatic 126 is a simple viewfinder camera for square pictures on 126 film cartridges, made by Agfa in about 1969.[1] McKeown states that it is very similar to the Autostar X-126.[1] The body of the camera is plastic, and measures 3 1/8" wide x 2 1/2" tall x 2" deep. It has a knurled wheel to advance the film on the back, and tripod socket on the bottom. There is a socket on the top of the camera for standard flashcubes. A PX825 battery is required to fire the flash; this fits inside the film compartment (the similar Autostar X-126 uses X-flashcubes, such as Magicubes, which do not require a battery to fire). There is no lightmeter behind the panel on the front; the camera has fixed exposure, and fixed focus.

The camera was made in Germany, France, Brazil and India.[1]


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