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The Polomatic series is the auto-exposure version of the Adox Polo line of 35mm viewfinder cameras, from the early 1960s. An entry on the Polomatic at Collection Appareils notes that the model is not identified except by a label inside.[1]

The Polomatic cameras should not be confused with the Polomat models, which also have a prominent selenium meter but only offer match-needle exposure setting. The meter cell of the Polomatic cameras is larger, and the name of its maker Bertram is visible from the front.

  • Polomatic
  • Polomatic II: Shutter priority exposure, with Prontor-Lux shutter. Film speed (set on the shutter) actually sets the shutter speed. Brightline finder, with exposure indicators in red,yellow or green.[2]
  • Polomatic III (example at Collection Appareils): Schneider 45mm f/2.8 Radionar with manual focusing down to about one meter, with both a distance scale (at the bottom of the lens barrel) and zone symbols (at the top); Prontormat-S shutter with no manual speed control, synchronised for flash with a PC socket and M/X-synch selector. Manual aperture settings for use with flash. Knurled selector for film speed in the top plate, in DIN and ASA (from 10-400 ASA). Film advance lever on the top right-hand side, and folding crank on the top for rewind.[1] Still has colored exposure indicators in the VF.
  • Polomatic IIIS: Prontor-Matic shutter giving speeds 1/30 - 1/500 second, plus 'B', allowing shutter-priority auto- or manual exposure. Viewfinder still shows coloured exposure indicators, plus the metered aperture.[2]


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