Action Tracker

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The Action Tracker is a small 35mm toy camera with four lenses. It was made in China, by an unknown manufacturer, and often features corporate logos (e.g. Renault, ADi), indicating it was in some cases given away for nothing as a promotional gift. Its appearance is very similar to the Lomographic ActionSampler. The camera takes four consecutive pictures on a 24×36mm negative, as the shutter spins round like clockwork. With fixed focus, fixed shutter speed (approx 1 second in total, so 1/4s for each shot) and a fixed aperture, don't expect perfect images. Actually, the only way to correctly expose your film is to choose the right film sensitivity. ISO 400 is generally recommended. The prints with four images taken quickly after one another can be great fun. It works especially well with frantically moving people or with sports events.


The shutter is a small plastic rotating disc placed just behind the lenses. This disc has one small opening and in combination with the four light chambers, it gives four exposures. The documentation specifies four 26mm f/11 lenses and that everything from 1.2m to infinity is in focus. The shutter speed is set at 1/100s with 0.22 second intervals between each frame.

Film advance is via a thumbwheel cog. When loaded with film (and only then), this will also cock the shutter. The camera has a small frame counter in the bottom that is automatically reset when you open the back. Pictures are composed through a foldable framefinder on top.