Action Man Photo Mission

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Photo Mission Action Man is a toy action figurine which includes a working film camera. This is is a simple, non-adjustable camera for 110 film, concealed within Action Man's torso. Action Man's shoulder camera is a dummy, although it does function as a rudimentary viewfinder. On his back are found the shutter release, a window for viewing the frame number, and a small thumbwheel to advance the film.

In the 1960s, British company Palitoy licensed the rights to "GI Joe" (created by the US toymaker Hasbro), and released a series of Action Man figurines and accessories [1]. Beginning in 1993, Hasbro launched a new Action Man series; and Photo Mission Action Man appeared in 1998[2]. Along with boots, sunglasses, and a pistol, Action Man came boxed with a roll of color 110 film[2], which some Pentax Auto 110 owners might like to fight him over.