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Actina was an importer and distributor of photographic goods in London. Grace's Guide shows several advertisements from 1939 in which Actina describes itself as 'sole concessionaire' for Certo cameras.[1] These give an address in Woodstock Street. Grace's also shows adertisements from the mid-1950s. These now give an address in Dane Street, Holborn (still in central London). The products offered in the '50s advertisements are a wide range of accessories by many manufacturers, including Gitzo cable releases, A.P. film-holders and Bilora tripods; the only camera mentioned is the Bilora Bella. Actina also had some of their own brands; products made by or exclusively for Actina: Actina-branded hoods, Planoptik filters and Proximar close-up lenses.

Grace's Guide states that Actina was bought by Dufay in 1963.


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