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3D World is a camera maker based in Hangzhou, China. Its exact name is Hangzhou 3D World Photographic Equipment Co. Ltd.

Since 2006 it made the 3D World TL 120-1 Tri-lens Stereo Camera, a modern triple lens reflex camera with pentaprism TLR finder for type 120 film rolls. For some reason its dome with ocular and pentaprism is removable, perhaps to attach a simple hood instead for old-school waist-level reflex photography. It is quite heavy (2kg) and equipped with quality lenses with, thus probably intended as professional stereo camera. 2008 there may have been little improvements. Its equipped a little bit like an SLR: pentaprism dome, small thumb lever on top for film advance, combined settings wheel for film and shutter speed on top, and also a hot shoe on top. Of course that's possible since a triple lens reflex camera's finder just needs half of the camera top side.


  • type: TLR-technology based stereo camera (triple lens reflex camera)
  • Lenses: 3× f/2.8 80mm lens, anti-reflection coated glass optics, seven elements in six groups
  • Lens separation: 63.5 mm
  • finder: TLR-finder (equal lens type for finder and camera eyes), fresnel focusing screen with central split-image microprism focusing aid and side-positioned LED indicators for exposure setting adequacy, removable pentaprism finder dome with ocular and, for some reason, control contacts
  • aperture: f2.8 - f22, 12-blade iris, even for viewing lens
  • shutter: metal focal-plane shutter for speeds 1 sec. upto 1/500 sec. plus B mode
  • flash sync: X-sync only, at shutter speed upto 1/60 sec.
  • metering: 2 SPDs (silicon photo diodes)
  • battery: small 1.5V or 1.55V batteries