Yashica 230-AF

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The Yashica 230 AF is an autofocus 35mm SLR introduced 1987 by Kyocera in Japan.

It was promoted as having three autofocus modes: single-shot, continuous (follow-focus) and trap-focus (shutter fires when subject enters focus). The camera provides motorized film advance (up to 1.8 frames/sec in continuous mode) and rewind; and recognizes film DX coding from ISO 25–5000. LCDs on the top panel and underneath the viewfinder image display shooting parameters. Exposure modes include programmed autoexposure, aperture- or shutter-priority, or manual settings (PASM).

While no built-in electronic flash is included, Kyocera offered a matching CS-110AF flash unit which hugs the top of the pentaprism and is powered by the camera's 6-volt lithium 2CR5 battery.