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Wild was an optical company based in Heerbrugg, Switzerland. It was founded in 1921 and made survey instruments and microscopes. It also made some camera lenses. In 1962 Wild Heerbrugg took over the Leidolf camera factory and it was then used for manufacturing surveying equipment, including at least one camera. Wild Heerbrugg merged with Ernst Leitz in 1987, was renamed Wild Leitz AG in 1989, and became part of the Leica holding company in 1990. Today it is incorporated in Leica Geosystems, still based in Heerbrugg, but now separate from Leica Camera AG, and owned by the Swedish Hexagon group.[1]


  • APK1 panoramic camera, about 1970, making seven exposures on one 4x5-inch sheet of film. Wild 98.8 mm f/8 lens, with shutter speeds 1 - 1/500 second, plus 'B'.[2]


  • Falconar 1:1,4 f=9,8cm


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