Aerial camera

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A professional aerial camera is a special, medium of large-format camera for photogrammetric survey or military purposes like reconnaissance or air combat documentation. The amateur's aerial camera may be a small camera mounted under a remote controlled aircraft model or in a small rocket. Professional/military reconnaissance aerial cameras, especially of the larger types, are usually mounted firmly into the plane's airframe (vertical or oblique) to ensure that image angles and image intervals are consistent for the photo run. Smaller cameras were used hand-held, or fastened on machine gun mounts. Many aerial cameras are of a fixed focus (set on infinity) design, or have lenses with ultra-wide viewing angles (such as the Metrogon).

Examples of aerial cameras

Reconnaissance and photogrammetric survey/mapping cameras

Hand-held aerial cameras

Aerial Combat training cameras

Cameras for air combat documentation (Gun Sight Aiming Point cameras)

Missile Cameras