Topcon Super D

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In 1971, Tokyo Kogaku introduced the Super D, which was a revised version of the original 1963 Topcon RE Super. Confusingly, the Beseler branded version of the RE Super (sold to the US market) had already been called the Super D.

The newer variant was mechanically similar to the original, but added a few additional features, plus some modest styling changes.

The extra features were a shutter lock, mirror lock-up, and reduced travel of the wind lever from 180° down to 135°. The design changes were a plastic tipped wind arm, a leather cover inset in the top surface of the prism housing, and abandonment of the metal plate behind the shutter release and self-timer setting lever. These parts, along with the shutter speed dial all gained a black finish, plus the lens barrels were given an all black make-over. Serial numbers have the prefix 71.

This model was also sold with Beseler branding, still under the Super D name.

This Super D was replaced by the Topcon Super DM.