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This was a 35mm toy camera given out free with subscriptions of Time Magazine. Unlike other toy cameras, however, the lens is actually of reasonable quality and made of glass, and the pictures it takes are fairly sharp. While the Time Magazine badging is the best known, the camera was also distributed with Sports Illustrated, Franka, Caesars, and other badging. There is a standard hot shoe on the top of the camera, and several other features not usually found on toy cameras, such as a coupled frame counter and a primitive choice of apertures.

The Time camera's "Kinetic Optical Color Lens" may indicate a connection to other products branded Kinetic; but given the profusion of different brands used this is hard to determine.


Technical data:

  • Fixed focus 50mm single-element glass lens ("Kinetic" Optical Color Lens)
  • One shutter speed of about 1/100th sec, no B
  • Variable aperture from about f/5.6 to about f/16 (marked as "cloudy" to "sunny"
  • Viewfinder