Taron Eyemax

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Note: the Taron Eye is a different camera.

Available from c.1962,[1] the Eyemax from Taron is a 35mm rangefinder camera with a coupled selenium lightmeter. Its appearance is quite striking with a row of eight windows covered with slightly cylindrical lenses, which would tend to shape meter sensitivity to approximate the long axis of the film frame.

It was available with a 1.8/45 or a 2.8/45 Taronar lens. The shutter could be a Citizen MXV or a Copal MXV.


  1. It is listed in November, 1962, in Popular Photography magazine's "1963 Directory & Buying Guide" insert (Vol. 51, No. 5; pgs. 14A–15A). The Eyemax name had been listed in several ads over 1962 from New York retailer Minifilm, although with a thumbnail image apparently still of the Taron Eye.