Sony Mavica CD400

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The Sony Mavica MVC-CD400 (as this camera was formally known) is a 4 megapixel model from 2002 with a Carl Zeiss-branded 3× zoom lens.

While the earliest Mavica models from Sony used 3.5 in. floppy disks as a storage medium, the "CD" series adopted writable 8 cm diameter optical discs. This led to some interesting case styling, as Sony attempted to unify a camera and what was essentially a small Discman into a single plastic housing. The mini-CD format offered substantially more capacity than floppy disks: 156 MB using Sony's formatting.[1]

Opening to f/2.0 at the wide setting (and f/2.5 at the tele end), the zoom is faster than those of many later pocket digital cameras.


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