Sony α99

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In 2012 Sony introduced its first SLT with 24x36mm image sensor. 24x36mm is the normal frame format of 35mm film, thus called full-frame format. The camera was named Sony α99 (SLT-A99), designating it as camera of the Sony α system which uses the Minolta AF mount for its DSLR and SLT camera models.

The camera has a 24 megapixel CMOS image sensor mounted in an anti-shake frame. The new sensor has phase detection autofocus measuring pixels in addition to Sony's old type SLT phase detection autofocus module which gets its image information thru a translucent mirror. This double-pack of autofocus phase detection shall ensure proper focusing in all situations.

The camera is splash- and dust-proof.

Hasselblad redesigned the cameras as luxury version Hasselblad HV. It was produced in the cooperation of Hasselblad with Sony as Hasselblad product, probably in 2014.