Seagull 4A-103

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A 120 format TLR camera released by the Chinese company Seagull, another copy of the Rolleiflex. The 4A-103 was a continuation of the Seagull 4A range, it introduced a fresnel screen and split prism focusing to the waist level view finder. Other improvements included a cold shoe flash mount and a quick opening/collapsing view finder. The loupe was moved to the front of the view finder housing, it is released by nudging the sports finder inwards, the previous model had a release button system.


  • Viewing lens: 75mm f/2.8, 3 groups, 3 elements.
  • Taking lens: 75mm f/3.5 , 3 groups, 3 elements.
  • Shutter speeds range from 1s to 1/300s and B, flash sync to 300.
  • Aperture scale: f/3.5 to f/22
  • 6x6 viewfinder with loupe.
  • M34x0.5 filter thread or 36mm slip-on hood.
  • Dimensions: 102 x 102 x 146mm
  • Weight: 975g