Rietzschel Condor Luxus

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The Condor Luxus is a folding double-extension plate camera made by Rietzschel in Munich, Germany, in the 1920s.[1] It is a de-luxe model, with brown leather bellows and body covering. It has a dial-set Compur shutter. Examples are seen with a Rietzschel double-anastigmat and with a Solinear; both are 15.3 cm f/4.5 lenses. The camera has a brilliant finder with a bubble level, and a folding wire-frame finder mounted on the front standard, in addition to ground-glass focusing.

Production of the camera was continued as the Isolar Luxus when Agfa took over the Rietzschel works in 1926. Agfa also produced a smaller-format (6.5×9 cm) model, and a standard (i.e. not Luxus) model with black leather; a non-Luxus Condor has not been seen.


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