Ricoh 35EFS

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The 35EF and 35EFS are simple scale focusing viewfinder cameras from Ricoh, circa 1980. The "S" version, in black, includes a self-timer. A pop-up flash gives these cameras a distinctive look, albeit not fully integrated: the user even needs to install separate batteries for the light meter (1.35v mercury) and the flash (a single AA cell). The similar Ricoh 35EFL appears more unified.

The aperture setting is automatically controlled by a CdS meter cell, within the lens barrel threading so any attached filters will get the appropriate compensation. There is only a single, 1/125th second shutter speed. A viewfinder needle indicates which f/stop the camera will select. Beyond the maximum aperture of 2.8, a shaded zone indicates underexposure, and the need to activate the flash. Film speeds from 25 to 400 can be selected, but only in whole steps: ASA 64 would be set as "50" and ASA 125 as "100."