Revue 400SE

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Introduced in 1978 by Foto-Quelle under the Revue label, the Revue 400 SE is a compact, fixed-lens, 35mm shutter-priority rangefinder camera. The camera is very similar in most respects to the Minolta Hi-Matic 7sII, Vivitar 35ES and Konica Auto S3, and is believed to have been built by Cosina for Foto-Quelle. The 400SE has a fast (f/1.7) 40mm, six-element lens that has garnered a reputation for extremely sharp and detailed images. A chrome version was sold as the Revue 400 SE 25.

A more basic version with a slower f/2.7 lens was also made, the Revue 400S; this is effectively the same as the Vivitar 35EE.