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The Picca range of cameras, made by King, are redesigned successors to the earlier Sprinty range. They are much lighter and streamlined due to a mostly plastic construction, and because of this they lack the solid feel of the Sprinty, and feel a bit chintzy. All models have a light meter panel on the front but only the Picca CB, CBS, CLK and Picca-mat have functional meters; this is most likely a way to cut down on manufacturing costs with King's financial situation in the 1970s. This camera was also licensed to be made by the IOR camera company in Romania, even until 1989 after King itself had ceased trading. Foto-Quelle sold the complete series Picca C, CB, CLK and Picca-mat as Revue 100 C, 200 C, 300 C and 400 C, both in silver as well as in black.

The models are very similar and share these points between them: -

  • The shutter speeds and aperture sizes are linked like on the Sprinty range and can't be adjusted separately.
  • Anodized aluminium top section, and mostly plastic elsewhere including the leatherette texture on the body.
  • A hot shoe that can be adjusted for use with an electronic flash or flash bulbs.
  • The film is advanced using a metal lever on the right side of the camera with the film counter just above it, this is reset whenever the rear of the camera is opened.
  • Each model has a bulb mode but can only be used when a standard cable release is screwed in
  • All models seem to have minor variants with different focus ring designs.

Picca C / Picca CS

Most basic of the range has a fake selenium light meter cell panel on the front. Shutter speeds are 1/30th - 1/300th + Bulb. The "S" in Picca CS indicates the presence of a self-timer, it is operated with a small lever beside the lens. There are variants that doesn't have the King logo on the front, and the Regula Rotor-S which seems to be identical, probably an export version for a specific market.

Picca CB / Picca CBS

Same as the Picca C but has a working uncoupled light meter with a selenium cell, this is read from a needle on top of the camera, can be set to compensate for film speeds between ASA/ISO 25-400. The Picca CBS has a self-timer in addition.

Picca CLK

This model has some additions over the previous models such as an extra 1/500th shutter speed, coupled light meter and a self-timer. The light meter is a needle type visible in the viewfinder, you adjust the shutter till the needle is centered to get the correct exposure. The self timer lever under the lens, and you push it to start it. There is also a rare black version of this camera.


This model offers full automatically exposure, which can be switched off. It has also 1/500th as fastest shutter speed, but no self-timer.


King Models

images by Morinaka. (Image rights)
images by Morinaka. (Image rights)

IOR Orizont Models