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The Ranelagh is a simple folding camera for 2¼x3¼-inch exposures on roll film (probably 120 film). It is very similar to the All Distance model of the Soho Myna, and almost certainly a Soho Ltd. product.

The body is made from folded and rivetted metal, with black crackle-finish paint, and it has plated components (the catch of the back, the struts, and a table stand, and film winding knob). All these features, including the painted finish and the positions of rivets, are very similar to those on the Myna, except that camera has a winding key.

The lens standard pulls out on simple rails to a fixed position (whereas in the All Distance Myna there are two latching focus positions for the standard). It has a T & I shutter, in front of the lens. There is a brilliant finder mounted on the shutter; there is no frame finder.

The face of the shutter has two labels, reading 'British Made' above the lens, and 'The Ranelagh' below. The maker is not identified on the camera.