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Pakon was founded in 1985 in the United States. It was formed from the previous company known as Pako, which for decades was known as a supplier of photographic slide mounts and sleeving equipment. In 1996, Pakon, Inc. started the Impak division for scanners. The Impak branding faded in 1999 and started to be used on slide products as well. In Feb 2001, Eastman Kodak acquired Pakon, but it operates as a independent subsidiary of Kodak. Many of their products were integrated into minilabs or offered as turnkey solutions from Kodak, Hewlett-Packard and others. By about 2008, the company was shuttered.


  • Impak DIS-100
  • DFS-100
  • DFS-200
  • F6
  • F12
  • F12 Plus
  • F135 (2005)
  • F135 Plus (2006)
  • F235 (2002)
  • F235C (2003)
  • F235 plus (2003)
  • F335 (2005)