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[[Category:Burke & James|Orbit]]
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The Orbit is a monorail camera, sold for both 4x5 and 5x7-inch film by Burke & James. It is very strikingly similar to the Calumet Calumet CC-400 4x5-inch monorail cameras, and was probably made for Burke and James by Calumet (also of Chicago).

Kurt Tauber's website shows an example of the 4x5-inch camera, perhaps a later style but technically exactly the same as illustrated here, with black bellows, and with controls with three-armed plastic knobs[1] (Calumet's CC-400 cameras have four-armed knobs; all are frequently seen with arms broken on used examples).[2]


  1. 4x5-inch Orbit at Kurt Tauber's Deutches Kameramuseum.
  2. An example can be seen at Jim D'Intino's blog Real Cameras Have Bellows.