Nikon D200

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The Nikon D200, announced on November 1, 2005. It replaced the D100 in the model line up. It is a model in the same "prosumer" DSLR class as the Canon 20D and Fuji S3 Pro. It is the first DSLR to offer 10+ megapixels for less than $2,000 retail value (as of January 2006, all other 10+ megapixel models retail for more than $3,000).

The reason to get the D200 over the other Nikon offerings (D50, D40, D80, D100) at the time were the 10 mega pixel sensor, improved metering, RAW compatibility, ability to meter with Nikon Ai as well as AF/AFD lenses. The D200 was succeeded by the D300 in 2007.