Minolta Autopak 700

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The Minolta Autopak was introduced by Minolta in 1966. It is something of a collector's item since it is a 126 camera with a coupled rangefinder, thus going far beyond the "almost toy camera" approach of most other models for Kodapak cartridges. The Minolta 24 Rapid is this model's counterpart accepting Agfa's competing Rapid film format.

The lens is a 4-element Rokkor 38mm f/2.8. This solid metal camera weighs 540 g. The top deck of the camera curves slightly beyond the shutter release while remaining flat around the included hot shoe.

The camera has a CdS-controlled exposure program which can set aperture/shutter-speed combinations automatically between f2.8 at 1/30 sec and f22 at 1/250 sec. The limited range of shutter speeds means the aperture changes by two f-stops for each whole step of shutter speed.

The bright-frame finder shows a meter needle indicating EV values. Shutter and aperture automation can be overridden by taking both the lens rings off of "A" and using the EV guide window on the lens barrel to select shutter/aperture pairs as desired.