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The Linhof Technorama series of viewfinder cameras take panoramic images on 120 film via a fixed lens (typically Schneider-Kreuznach large-format lenses). Two separate model ranges are produced, for taking 6x12cm (2:1) or 6x17cm (3:1) images. The earlier models featured fixed lenses, whereas the later models feature interchangeable lenses, each lens with its own helical focusing mount / shutter release as well as detachable viewfinder. None of the cameras contain any electrical or electronic components, and thus do not offer any form of auto exposure.

Linhof markets the cameras for "hand-held, large-format photography" but the fact that these cameras do not offer any focusing aids (other than guessing focusing distance or attaching a third-party (uncoupled) range finder), together with the need for stopping down the lens to counter the immensely shallow depth-of-field offered by the large film surface, means that this is usually not a practical reality.


After the original 6x17cm model Technorama 617, Linhof replaced it with the Technorama 612PC. Popular demand, however, prompted them to offer a revised 6x17cm model (the Technorama 617S), and ever since both models have been offered. The models continue to receive incremental updates, such as (recently) a dark slide for changing lenses on the 617S III, as well as a lens shift adaptor.


The Linhof Technorama is a 6×17 cm rollfilm panoramic camera. It was briefly discontinued by Linhof with the introduction of the 612PC, as Linhof thought the 6×12 format was sufficient, but was brought back by popular demand and has since gone through two more revisions, the S II and Technorama 617S III|S III.

Linhof Technorama 617 (~1970s, fixed lens)

The camera provides sweeping panoramic views with a 3:1 aspect ratio providing 4 exposures on 120 rollfilm, or 8 on 220 rollfilm. The camera is widely used for panorama and vertical-shots in landscape, architecture, industry and creative imaging.

The standard lens is a Schneider Super Angulon 90 mm/5.6 with a between-lens shutter, utilizing a center filter to optimize light transmission across the broad film format. The camera is equipped with a bright-line optical finder with parallax correction frame lines. The camera body is made of die-cast metal and is designed to offer optimum film flatness with conventional rollfilm.

Linhof Technorama 617SII (~1994, fixed lens)

Linhof Technorama 617S III (~2000, interchangeable lenses)

The Linhof Technorama 617s III a hand-held 120 and 220 format 3:1 aspect ratio panoramic camera with interchangeable lenses. It is the latest version of the company's 6×17cm panoramic film camera. It has a 3:1 aspect ratio providing 4 exposures on 120 rollfilm, or 8 on 220 rollfilm. The camera is often used as a panorama and vertical-shot camera for extreme views in landscape, architecture, industry and creative imaging. Four Schneider interchangeable lenses XL 5.6/72, XL 5.6/90, 5.6/180 and the Tele-Arton S 5.6/250 mm are available. Using the 250 mm lens tele-panoramic shots are possible. For each lens a special finder is offered with built-in spirit-level and parallax compensation. The body is die-cast metal and designed to offer maximum film flatness for conventional rollfilm.

As of October 2021, the camera is still in production and currently available from Linhof dealers. The Lens should be provvided for the buyer, the factory can mount them on the focusing helicoids.[1]