Konica DG-1

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The Digital 現場監督 DG-1 is a rugged digital camera based on the Q-M100 and introduced by Konica in 1998. It was designed as a digital version of the Genba Kantoku (現場監督; 'site director') line of cameras. It was replaced in 2001 with the DG-2.

The body is water, dust and sand proof (JIS Class 7). Photos are captured using a 1.08 million pixel 1/3" CCD sensor. It uses CompactFlash for removable storage. Images have a maximum resolution of 1152 × 872 pixels and stored in JPEG format with super fine, fine, and economy recording modes. It uses a fixed 39mm, f/2.8 equivalent lens with a focusing distance of 0.8m to infinity, but also supports a close-up shooting mode of 0.2m to 0.8m. The built-in flash has a range of 0.5m to 3.0m. Flash modes include, red-eye reduction AUTO / ON / OFF. There is a optical finder and a 1.8" colour LCD monitor. It is powered by four AA alkaline batteries. It uses RS232C serial as a computer interface. There is a video out with settings for NTSC or PAL output.


Konica Genba Kantoku
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