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Part of the "Off-Road" series, Konica's Genba Kantoku DD (現場監督DD) is a weather-proof, heavy duty (IPX4 certified) autofocus camera with two focal lengths. It can be regarded as the ruggedised version of the weather-proof bifocal Konica MR.640, with similar controls and features, though it adds a third autofocus sensor for higher focusing precision. Intended for use by construction workers (genba kantoku means "site supervisor") the finder has marks for making panoramas to be stitched together from prints. After 15 minutes, the camera shuts off to conserve batteries.


  • Wide angle: 40 mm f/3,5 (3 elements, 3 groups).
  • Tele: 60 mm f/5,2 (6 elements, 6 groups).
  • Shutter: Programmed electromagnetic shutter/diaphragm, speeds from 1/5 to 1/500 s. Electronic self timer.
  • Focus: Active infrared autofocus, closest range 0,9 m.
  • Exposure: EV 6–17 (wide): EV 7–17 (tele).
  • Finder: Bright frame viewinder with parallax corrections marks, focus confirmation, low light warning.
  • Flash: Built-in flash (flashmatic). Auto-flash, forced flash, flash off modes. Slow sync flash possible.
  • Flash range: 5 m (wide, ISO 100), 4 m (tele, ISO 100).
  • DX decoding from ISO 50 to 3200. Non-DX film is set as ISO 100.
  • Power: 2CR5 6 V lithium battery. CR2025 3V cell for date back.
  • Dimensions and weight: 144x74x74 mm, 385 g (without batteries).


Konica Genba Kantoku
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