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*[http://www.collection-appareils.fr/x/html/page_standard.php?id_appareil=141 EK100] on [http://www.collection-appareils.fr/general/html/francais.php www.collection-appareils.fr] by Sylvain Halgand

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The Colorburst 100 was an instant picture camera introduced by Kodak in 1978 - costing $45. It was also known as the Kodak EK100, a nearly identical model but has meter markings surrounding the lens along with feet markings. It was made in the USA and Canada, until 1980. Its design scheme is similar to many of Kodak's cameras that use 126 film. Exposure and focus control is with sliders on the face of the camera. Sliding the focus control rotates the lens indicator to the corresponding distance markers. The viewfinder uses an unusual circular spot system to aid in focusing head shots. It used PR10 (PR144) film. Flash was provided via a Flipflash socket on top of the camera.