Imperial Magimatic X50

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The Imperial Magimatic X50 126 Magicube camera was a simple viewfinder camera introduced in 1975 for Kodapak film cartridges. It was made by Imperial in the U.S.A. and used Magicubes for flash photography instead of flashcubes or bulbs like earlier Imperial 126 cameras such as the Imperial Instant Load 900, hence its name. The Magicube let cameras such as these have flash capability without needing batteries. The Magimatic X50 has a large thumb wheel film advance, automatic flash cube advance, frame view window on the back of the camera and a handy carry strap. The single shutter speed is approximately 1/100 of a second and the aperture is about f/5.6. The camera was introduced in 1975, and was somewhat of a copy of the Kodak line of instamatics. The X in the X50 was intended to remind the user that the camera took only the X-type Magicubes.