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The Ica Reflex camera was sold from 1909 as the Ica "Tudor" Reflex Camera, or Ica-Spiegelreflex-Camera "Tudor", by the Ica A.G. camera company of Dresden, Germany. The cameras were manufactured in the United Kingdom by William Butcher & Sons from 1908 into the 1930s and sold as the Butcher Pressman Reflex, by 1914 name changed to Popular Pressman. Several variations were made during the duration of its production. William Butcher & Sons had started by importing Hüttig and Krügener before manufacturing cameras themselves, so had close links with Ica.

The Focal Plane shutter uses a single curtain with 3 slits, of different widths, 100mm, 25mm & 3mm, with a damper setting. giving 6 speeds from 1/15 to 1/1000 sec. With rising and falling front and reversible back.

Ica sold the "Tudor" Reflex in 4 sizes in 1919, 9x9cm, 8x10.5cm, 9x12cm, & 9x14cm, adding 10x15cm by 1922