Graflex Series D

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The Graflex Series D and later Graflex Super D were SLRs produced by Graflex from 1927–1948 and 1941-1963 respectively. It came in 3¼x4¼ or 4x5 models, using plates or film, in cut film magazine, slotted film holders, or roll film holders. It has a top shutter speed of 1/1000 sec.

Series D

The Series D was an evolutionary model of the prior Auto Graflex cameras. It featured several improvements over prior graflex cameras. It uses an "A" or "B" lens board, shared with earlier Auto Graflexes, with a spring retention mechanism permitting quick lens changes. This model was aimed at most professional photographers who needed reflex viewing (whereas the Speed Graphic line was produced for eye level viewing). This model can usually be distinguished by the later Super D, by the grey oxide finish on the metal parts.

Super D

Due to the popularity of the Series D, a model refresh was introduced in 1941, with a few improvements. The trim was updated from gunmetal grey to chrome and aluminum, matching the Anniversary Speed Graphic. The shutter speed tension chart and knob were simplified from 16 options, to 10. Flash Synchronization was added to the focal plane shutter. The camera also gained an Auto Diaphragm mechanism, which allows Auto Diaphragm Lenses to automatically stop down to a preselected aperture upon shutter release. (Like most early auto diaphragm mechanism such as the Exacta VX, the mechanism must be primed and selected in advance.) The focal plane flash synchronization is distinct from the Graflex Speed Graphic cameras in its construction and operation. Both the 3¼x4¼ and 4x5 models can take advantage of M, F, or X flash sources, in its open flash mode. (setting the curtain at "0" and the tension at "H", exposure will be determined by flash duration.) The 3¼x4¼ model can sync with Focal Plane (Flat peak) flash bulbs by setting the tension to "H" and the curtain to B (1/200), C (1/400), or D (1/1000). The 4x5 model can only sync at tension "H" and curtain setting D (1/1000), after packing the shutter (Wind the shutter to H, D, and release, 3 times). High speed flash synchronization can only be assured on either model with either No. 31 or 2-A Focal Plane flashbulbs. This model usually can be identified by its chrome and aluminum trim, and a flash connector by the shutter winding key.