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The Auto Graflex was Folmer & Schwing's answer on problems that occurred with the complicated shutters of the company's earliest Graflex cameras. The Auto Graflex had a "New Simplified Focal Plane Shutter", a cloth curtain shutter that was simple, reliable and fast, with speeds up to 1/1000 sec. . The Auto Graflex was a single lens reflex camera for 3¼ × 4¼ inch plates (quarter-plates) or film sheets. The Auto Graflex name applies to several models of Graflex's early SLR designs.

Fixed Back Auto Graflex

The fixed back Auto Graflex, offered from 1908 to 1923, was the first in the Auto Graflex series cameras. This model lacks a drop bed front standard, with front rise.

Revolving Back Auto Graflex

This model was available in 3¼×4¼, 4x5 sizes, with a reworked film back to permit changing the film orientation from landscape to portrait and vice versa. It was available from 1908 until the 1930's. This model has a drop bed front standard, permitting the use of lens boards, and offers limited lens movements (Rise and fall). Later models of the Revolving Back Auto Graflex, have a distinct curved front on the camera body.

The Auto Graflex Junior

Made from 1914 to 1924, this was the only 2¼x3¼ Auto Graflex. It's easily distinguishable from later 2¼x3¼ Series B Graflex camera's due to it's focusing knob being higher up on the camera, and having a dedicated front standard with a recessed lens board.

Stereo Auto Graflex

Available from 1907 to 1903, this was a heavily modified Auto Graflex with a bellows septum and paired barrel lenses which allowed for easy composition and taking of stereo photos.