Fujix DS-1P

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The Fujix DS-1P is often described as the world's first true digital camera. It was developed jointly with Toshiba. Both companies strifed towards producing a digital camera but since Fuji was one step ahead, Toshiba withdrew their efforts in producing a digital camera in 1988. Fuji showed a working model at the 1988 Photokina show in Cologne, West Germany[1]. It contained a 400 kilopixel CCD and saved photographs to removable Toshiba SRAM cards. In the initial version, card capacity was only 10 images. The camera was never marketed.

Like other early Fuji digital cameras, it is marked Fujix instead of Fuji, FujiFilm or Fujica, but has come to be known as the Fuji DS-1P. It measures (w×h×d) 105×75×50 mm and weighs 400 g.


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