Fujica Rapid S2

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The Fujica Rapid S2 was introduced in 1965 by Fuji. It's a solid and well made item.

It's primarily a zone focus camera with a bright-line viewfinder.

Exposure is fully automatic via an around-the-lens Selenium meter. The camera appears to set an aperture and shutter speed combination, which cannot be overridden by manual selection of either. The shutter speeds and steps are a bit of a mystery but thought to be in the range of 1/30th to 1/250th seconds. There is a aperture selector ring around the lens, with an A (auto) setting, and apertures from f/2.8 to f/22. These f-stops are only used with flash, where exposure setting is fully manual. It has an accessory shoe and PC socket.

The camera shoots a 24cm x 24cm square format of 16 exposures on Rapid cartridges. The frame counter counts down from 16 to 0, because the last frame needs to be wound into the exposed film cassette.

The focal length of the lens is shown as 28mm, but due to the 24x24mm Rapid format this equates to a 35mm film format equivalent focal length of about 35mm.

After loading with film and closing the back, the film advance lever must be advanced three times before the shutter tensions and the winding lever locks, ready for the first exposure. After 16 exposures (when the counter reaches 0) the shutter locks but the wider will still operate completely.