Fujica Drive

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The Fujica Drive, or "Automatic Electric Eye Fujica Drive" as the manual names it, is a 1964[1] 35mm half-frame camera offering programmed autoexposure and spring-drive motorized film advance.

When set for autoexposure, the selenium meter selects predetermined aperture/shutter-speed pairs, ranging from 1/30th sec. at f/2.8 through 1/250th at f/22, which are indicated by a viewfinder pointer after a half-press on the shutter release. This also permits "freezing" a close exposure reading before re-framing to the desired composition. Manual exposure settings are also possible with mental conversion from the indicated shutter/aperture pair to other equivalent pairings, limited to 1/30th–1/300 shutter settings.

The Fujica Drive is a scale focusing model which also adds preset focus zones marked as P (portrait), G (group) and (infinity). There is a self-timer, armed by turning the collar around the rewind crank.


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