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Forte (Forte Photochemical Industry VAC) was a Hungarian manufacture of photographic film and paper products originally established in 1922. The company factory was originally built by Kodak Ltd.

In 2004, filed for bankruptcy. A number of distributors like Freestyle, Bergger, Moersch and others kept the company up and running by re-branding and repackaging their products. It was bought by investors in Csurgó and renamed "Forteinvest Tőkebefektető Kft", and earned 1 billion huf in 2005. That was not good enough, as the following year they had losses of over 150 million huf in 2006. They ceased to manufacture products in Jan 2007.[1]

Shortly after, distributors and manufacturers including Bergger, Moersch, FilmoTec, Foma, Fotohauis proposed a variety of different measures to take over the paper manufacture lines[2]. Fotoimpex a German distributor, was finally able to acquire the manufacturing line that produces Polywarmtone paper[3] [4] saving Forte's paper manufacturing line from scrapping. They plan to market it under their Adox brand.



black and white

  • Fortepan 100 (120, 135)
  • Fortepan 200 (120, 135, sheet)
  • Fortepan 400 (120, 135, sheet)
  • Portraitpan 100 (120)


  • Fortecolor Super FG Plus
  • Fortecolor Super PL
  • Fortecolor Super FH


  • Bromofort
  • Equitone
  • Fortezo
  • Fortespeed
  • Porturexspeed
  • Contactspeed
  • Polygrade Rapid RC
  • Polygrade V FB
  • Polygrade V RC
  • Polywarmtone Plus FB
  • Polywarmtone Plus RC


  • Negafort film developer
  • Fortespeed NTD: Neutral Tone developer
  • Fortespeed WTD: Warm Tone developer
  • Fortespeed CTD: Cold Tone developer
  • Fortespeed Universal fixer