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The Eastman M.B. matchbox camera, also known as the Camera 'X', is a spy camera made by Kodak at the end of World War II, for use by the Secret Service.[1] It is said that the official name was "Eastman M.B." (with M.B. standing for matchbox),[1] but the name "Camera 'X'" is also found on original accessories.[2]

The camera takes up to 34 exposures ½×½″ in size on a 2ft strip of 16mm film.[3] The internals are made of bakelite, and are slid inside a metal outer casing.[1] The film is advanced by a wheel slightly protruding on the camera's smaller side, with touch marks allowing use of the camera without looking at it.[4] There is a button on the same side, certainly to trip the shutter, and a small lever at the other end, perhaps switching from Bulb to Instant exposures.

The Tessar 25mm f/5 fixed-focus lens is on the front side, and has two aperture settings: full or f/8.[1] The shutter has Bulb or instant settings.[1] These are certainly operated by the small levers visible on the side opposite the release button and advance wheel.

Some of the cameras, but not all, have a serial number.[5] It is said that a first batch of 500 were produced, sometimes called "Model 1", loaded with plain rollfilm and having three touch marks on the advance wheel, then a second batch of 500, the "Model 2", loaded with spooled film and having only two marks.[6]

A processing kit and a development stand were made specifically for the camera.[7]

It seems that a Japanese copy was made during World War II, see Japanese matchbox camera.


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