Diana Instant Square

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The Diana Instant Square is an instant camera from Lomography styled to resemble and function similar to the Diana, but using Instax Square film format. The camera is notable as it is the first Instax camera which can use an external flash unit (either the Diana F+ flash unit or any hotshoe flash). It also shares the interchangeable lens mount of the Diana F+, allowing it to use any of the Lomography Diana F+ lenses. It however does not support the original Diana F+ Splitzer. Like all of Lomography's other Diana series cameras, it is fully manual and lacks any metering. Unlike the Diana F+ the camera has a detachable viewfinder, which can be replaced for different lenses.

Camera was launched in 2018 via a successful Kickstarter campaign with $283,981USD being raised (original goal was $100,000). The base camera comes with a specific plastic Diana Instant Lens and 2 push in flash holders (Diana F+ and hotshoe). Kickstarter backers also received an inlay filter that was not included in later release. The camera is currently sold in classic (blue black) and Adriano special editions. The camera is sold on its own, with a Diana F+ flash and in a deluxe edition with lenses, viewfinders and accessories.

It is not possible to change the film format unlike the Diana F+.

Camera Specification

  • Film Format - Instax Square
  • Power: 4xAA (film frame eject only)
  • Shutter: N (1/60) or B (Bulb)
  • Aperture: cloudy (f/11), partly sunny (f/19), sunny (f/32), pinhole (f/150)
  • Lens Mount: Diana F+ Bayonet
  • Metering: none

Diana Instant Lens

  • Lens Mount: Diana F+ Bayonet
  • Focal Length: 75mm
  • Focusing: 3 Zone (1–2m, 2–4m & 4m–infinity)
  • Filter Thread: 30.5×0.75mm