Cosina 4000S

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The 4000S is one of many SLRs from Cosina accepting 42mm screw lenses and offering stop down metering. This is a particularly no-frills model, although it does include a hot shoe and a self timer. Compared to the similar Hi-Lite 402 this model omits the battery check, shutter-release lock, and any film-reminder aids.

A half-press of the shutter release stops down the lens to the selected aperture and activates the meter, which is powered by one 1.35v mercury button cell. The user then adjusts exposure settings to center a needle in the bracket at the right edge of the viewfinder. A chrome button on the front of the camera can reopen the aperture again for the brightest image for focusing and composing.

This appears to be the model rebranded by Ponder & Best as the Vivitar 400/SL.