Chinon CM-7

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The CM-7 is a manual-focus, manual-exposure SLR sold under the Chinon brand, but presumed to be manufactured by Cosina. Its resemblance to its Cosina-built cousins, such as the Nikon FM10 and the Olympus OM2000, includes having a vertically-traveling metal shutter with speeds from 1/2000–1 second, 1/125 sec flash-sync speed, and a match-LED metering readout ( + o – ) at the side of the viewfinder.[1] The camera accepts K mount lenses.

Two type LR44/SR44 batteries are needed only to power the light metering circuit, as the shutter mechanism is entirely mechanical. In common with several other Cosina-built SLR bodies, the shutter-release button is locked until the film wind lever is pulled outwards slightly to its standoff position. There is a non-cancelable, mechanical, 3–10 second self timer (the film wind must be advanced before this can be engaged). The self-timer setting lifts the mirror and stops down the aperture at the start of its cycle, and so it has a secondary function in reducing camera vibration during exposure.

The camera appears to only have been offered in a gun-metal gray finish over black plastic.


  1. The camerawiki Flickr account hosts a series of photos showing design details shared across numerous Cosina-built cameras.