Canon 110ED

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The Canon 110ED is a sophisticated little pocket camera for type No. 110 film cassettes. It is a rangefinder camera with automatic exposure (exp. time 8-1/500 sec.) . The date can be enlighted onto the photo. It has a fast 26mm f/2.0 lens which is focusable for 3 distances of 0.6, 1.3, 10m plus Inf. The aperture can be adjusted with markings for indoor (window) f/2, cloudy f/4, bright sky (sun) f/8, and (dot) f/16. The finder has parallax correction marks, and a red over-exposure lamp. It has a hot shoe to work with an electronic flashgun. It is powered by a PX28A battery.

Another version was also available at the same time called the Canon 110E. As the name implies it does not have a date function. It also uses a slower 26mm f/2.7 lens with zone focusing. A 400 ISO caompatible variation of the camera called 110ED20 is also available.