PX28A battery

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Many cameras can use a 6-volt PX28A battery; examples include the Canon A-1 and AE-1, Mamiya M645 (and the Super, Pro etc.) and the Bronica SQ and other medium-format SLRs.

The battery has a diameter of 13 mm and is 25 mm tall; roughly half the size of a AA battery. It is denoted simply as 28A by Duracell,[1] or 4LR44 if of alkaline magnesium chemistry, or 4SR44 if silver oxide.

The charge capacity of the alkaline battery is stated differently by different makers: Duracell's 28A alkaline cell is said to have a capacity of only 105 mAhr; Camelion claims a capacity of 150 mAhr for their 4LR44, and 145 mAhr for the 4SR44. The silver oxide battery has a slightly higher voltage of 6.2V.[2]

The battery is functionally equivalent to four 1.5-volt LR44 or SR44 cells, though four of these are smaller than the single 6-volt cell. Depending on the design of the battery compartment it may require padding if they are to be substituted.