Biflex 35

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The Biflex 35 is a viewfinder camera for subminiature-format pictures on, curiously, 35mm film.[1][2][3] It makes 11x11 mm images in two rows on unperforated 35mm film, loaded in special cassettes. The film is run through from a supply cassette to an uptake one; 100 exposures can be accommodated on a roll. The cassettes are then reversed, and a further 100 exposures made in a second row. The camera was made from about 1948 by E. Schmid, Feinmechaniches Konstruktions-Werkstätte (Precision engineering construction workshop) of Urdorf, Switzerland.[4]

The camera has a compact, rounded shape, and the film advance knob is set in a dropped end-section of the top, so that it is flush with the top of the body.[1] It was supposedly intended as a spy camera. The lens is either a Biflex-Trivar 2cm f/2.8 or a Meyer Trioplan 20mm f/2.8, which stops down to f/11; the position of the aperture control suggests the camera may have a set of fixed apertures, rather than an iris diaphragm. This lens appears to be fixed-focus, but a close-up lens giving focus at 33cm was available as an accessory.[5] The camera has shutter speeds 1/10 - 1/250 second. It has a reverse-galilean viewfinder. There is a frame counter up to 100 on the top of the camera, incorporating a film speed reminder with settings for 25, 50 and 100 ASA.

The cited example at auction is painted in a gold or tan crackle-finish. Other examples shown on the web may be brown or grey, but this may just be different rendering of the same colour.

The company also produced a projector for slides from the Biflex 35.[5]


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