Baldinette II

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The Balda Baldinette II 1960's scale focused 35mm camera made by Balda Kamera-Werk in West Germany. This rigid body camera shares the model name with earlier 1950 Baldinette folder also made by Balda. At least 3 versions of the Baldinette II were made - 2 standard unmetered ones with either a Vario or Prontor Shutter. In 1961 an automatic version with coupled selenium cell metering and Prontor Lux shutter was launched. All models feature an unusual left hand position for the front mounted shutter button. The winder lever is also on the base.

The models were also sold under other names and marques such as Balda Coronet and under Foto-Quelle's Revue brand as Revue 35 Automat.

Standard Model Specifications

    • Lens : 46mm Isco-Göttingen Color-Isconar 1:2.8
    • Filter Thread: Push on
    • Shutter: Vario (1/25. 1/50, 1/200 & B)
    • Shutter: Prontor 250 (1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250 & B)
    • Aperture: f/2.8-22
    • Flash : PC Sync with Cold shoe
    • Viewfinder: Bright-line