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I'm not a spambot but am interested in cameras (esp 1960-90 non autofocus compacts)

hello, great to see more additions!

Looking through your LCA additions.. just wondering if you think it's wiser to include specs for Lomography's LC-A+ products on LOMO LC-A product page? I think it may make more sense with it put on Lomography LOMO LC-A+. Also with the original having a direct link to the Lomography version. From handling, both products are different even though they look the same, as the original is more of a cheap well built camera, while the lomography plus version more like a cheaply built camera. That why I made it as a separate page, but maybe separate pages are too confusing? Maybe we should not treat them as separate products? I dunno. --Tkmedia (talk) 18:45, 27 December 2013 (PST)

Time camera discussion point- feel free to tweak. Proposals for change to the time camera page

The Time Magazine Camera was a series of 35mm toy cameras given out free with subscriptions of Time Magazine in mid 1985.[1]

Several variations exists which may indicate came from several producers [2]. Only 1 features a model number (FC-101), the rest can be classified by lens markings.

The cameras all come in black plastic with 50mm fixed focus lens, fixed shutterspeed and manual aperture adjustment. The bodies have the appearance of a SLR with a faux pentaprism housing and a thickening on one side suggestive of a non-existent motorwind grip. Some variants have a faux front rangefinder window. They are all manual advance and have a simple viewfinder above the lens either centrally or to one side.

While the Time Magazine branding is the best known, the cameras were also distributed as promotional items for companies like Sports Illustrated, Caesars and Barclaycard as well as under other branding like the Franka NX-40.

Many of the cameras featured a standard hot shoe on the top of the camera, and several other features not usually found on toy cameras, such as a coupled frame counter and a choice of apertures. Whilst most feature a plastic lens, one variant, features a glass single element lens (lavec optical glass lens). This is described as being of better quality and the pictures being relatively sharp.[3]

The pictured Time camera's "Kinetic Optical Color Lens" may indicate a connection to other products branded Kinetic; but given the profusion of different brands used this is hard to determine. This model featured a metal weight to give the impression of a heavier camera.

Modification of these cameras is possible to add cable release, multiple exposure and other features [4]


Technical data Lavec Glass lens version:

  • Fixed focus 50mm single-element glass lens
  • One shutter speed of about 1/100th sec.
  • Variable aperture in both F-stops & pictograms (marked as "cloudy" to "sunny")
  • Simple Viewfinder

Technical data Kinetic Optical Color lens version:

  • Fixed Focus 50mm plastic lens
  • fixed shutter speed
  • Variable Aperture with 4 settings from f/6 to f/16 , marked both in f-stops and weather pictograms
  • Curved film plane
  • Simple Viewfinder


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  2. Mckeown's Price Guide To Antique & Collectable Cameras 2001- 2002 11th Edition Pg. 633
  3. Time Magazine Camera: Poor Man's Holga 135? review of Lavec Optical Glass lens variant at
  4. Upgrade Your Time Promotional Camera on

About Time Camera

Hi, as a starting point I've taken your proposed text and replaced the Time Magazine Camera article with it. I swapped out the Franka-branded camera photograph which is no longer available on Flickr. There are a couple of points which I will come back and work on. First of all there seem to be lots of different model variations which do include model numbers, and color schemes which include silver, gold, and even yellow (not just black, as the text states). Give me a few days to think this over and I may rewrite the opening paragraphs to clarify this. --Vox (talk) 12:12, 19 February 2015 (CST)

Mintax (draft page)

Mintax is a brand of basic 35mm film cameras.

The cameras feature cheap fixed focus lenses. The brand is often accused of being a soundalike to more popular brands like minolta or pentax much in the same way as the Olympia camera. For example the PB852 model does little to dispel this by looking at a distance similar to a autofocus SLR with motorwind despite being a fixed focus, viewfinder camera with a manual advance. This model is also weighted in a similar manner to the olympia camera. The PB127 whilst still resembling a SLR does have a motor wind



At a glance this model resembles a later autofocus film or digital SLR despite being a fixed focus 35mm viewfinder. Only setting option is for user to select aperture represented both in pictograms and f-stop. Camera came boxed with lens cap, sun shade strap, case and batteries (for motor wind)

  • lens: 50mm Focus Free Optical lens 1:6.3
  • Focus: Fixed
  • Motorwind
  • Hotshoe for flash
  • Marked as "Made in Japan"


Again like the PB127 resembles a autofocus motorwind SLR but again is a fixed focus 35mm viewfinder.

  • lens: 50mm New Color Optical lens 1:6.3
  • Focus: Fixed
  • Hotshoe for flash


Again resembles a autofocus motorwind SLR but again is a fixed focus 35mm viewfinder with manual advance. Came boxed with strap, case, lens cap (marked 'camera'), sun shade and manual. Camera is plastic bar screws, springs and shutter mechanism. Single element plastic lens with a flat plastic filter like element at front of lens mount to give appearance of more complex lens structure

  • lens: 50mm New Color Optical lens 1:6.3
  • Focus: Fixed
  • Film path: curved
  • Aperture: 4 settings f/6.3 to f/16 represented in f-stops and weather pictograms
  • Hotshoe for flash
  • Tripod mount
  • marked 'made in China'


Compact 35mm camera with red body. Fixed focus 35mm lens with fixed aperture and shutter (1/125). Hotshoe mount for flash.

Olympus Trip AF 50/51

Looks like we worked on similar Olympus Trip AF 50 and Olympus Trip AF 51 pages at the same time! i will edit mine to not include AF 51 specific info and add it to the 51 page. --Tkmedia (talk) 16:09, 19 April 2018 (CDT) --or not look like you done some of it.--Tkmedia (talk) 16:13, 19 April 2018 (CDT)