Agfa Superior

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The Superior is a metal-bodied folding camera for 8x14 cm (3¼x5½ inch) 'postcard' exposures on Agfa G6 size film (122 film).[1] It was made by Agfa in the early 1930s.[2] It has either an f/6.3 Trilinear (a triplet, as the name suggests) or an f/4.5 Solinar lens, and a dial-set Compur shutter. The lens is set in a U-shaped standard, with geared rise and perhaps un-geared, sliding shift. Focusing is by a radial lever on the right of the bed, down to about 1.5 metre. The camera has a brilliant finder, mounted centrally above the lens, and a wire-frame finder. The camera weighs 1.4 kg. McKeown lists the camera in both the normal finish and in a 'Luxus' finish with red-brown leather and bellows; he gives the better lens for that camera as a Solinear f/4.8.[2]

Few examples of this camera have been seen; one camera listed as a 6x9 cm Superior at Ebay (item 371191576401; and thus widely re-listed on other sites) is misidentified (it is a Nitor).


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